I bought this executor sale in early 2015. It hadn't had any work done for decades, so was in need of ``the treatment``!

Driven by the desire to be very hands on, I thought i’d use this opportunity to test out my basic skills together with those gleaned from observing our team carry out our day to day projects. A simple two storey wraparound extension gave me the additional internal space I needed comprising a new cloakroom, kitchen/breakfast room, ensuite, enlarged family bathroom an extra bedroom and an extended third bedroom.

I followed the advice so often given to our clients and fully re-wired and re-plumbed the house – it’s absolutely imperative that the below the surface infrastructure works without fault as it’ll quickly become quite irrelevant how beautiful your fittings are if they don’t work! With a traditional and cozy ambience and my fire lit at the drop of a hat, log stores abound around every corner.

The question is, when does one ever “finish” building a true home? Never!

Client: Personal Project (Nick Pitts-Crick)

Category: House Refurbishment

Location: Poole

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