William Bowley Projects are builders in Poole specialising in property renovation and refurbishment.

With extensive experience in this sector of building work, we are well positioned with our team of skilled tradesmen and professionals to advise on and deliver a superior standard of refurbishment.

Project budgets are crucial, and as such, we know the importance of keeping costs to the agreed level.
That said, our clients always benefit from the freedom of an open project specification: if they wish to add or remove items, the flexibility is there to do so, with the price agreed and adjusted accordingly.

Ultimately though, the area we work hardest on and transversely take the most pride in is the relationships we forge with our clients.

We place a heavy emphasis on the importance of communication and service on a par with the quality of project materials and workmanship.

We understand the personal involvement both emotionally and financially, but strongly feel the process should be enjoyable and even fun; an aspect of building projects so commonly forgotten!